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    1. Definitions

    In this document the terms listed below should be understood as also defined below.

        > "Member" - a person who has registered an account on the Platform/Website or any other and who has explicitly accepted the terms and conditions of these Terms of Use and License Agreement.

        > "Mockup" - a 3D model and/or a multi-layer computer file in the PSD or TIFF format made available through the Platform, with or without scripting, that is designed for integrating user images (such as user’s corporate identity) with the object depicted in the Mockup or any other image we may make available to you through Object Mockup Marketplace.

        > "Platform" - our online shop, Website and any apps (including mobile apps), features and devices that may be available while providing and delivering the Services and Products to you.

        > "Preview" - single-layer low-resolution preview images of a Product, and any specifications, the descriptions, or any other information that may be accompanying the Product.

        > "Product" - any item that is being sold in our online shop (Mockup, Designs, images, "Products" in the plural, collectively means any and all of items in online shop. For the purposes of this document, the term "Product" also includes the Previews and documents accompanying our items that is bound with the particular Product.

        > "Services" - all the Services provided by our company, even from time to time and on demand.

        > "Website" - our website and all of its subdomains and sub-directories.

    2. Changes in the document Terms of Use

    We may change these Terms of Use at any time by posting the updated document on the Website. If you are a Member, we will also notify you of such changes by email (if we have your agreement to contact you). If you are not a Member, if you continue to use our Website, Platform and/or Products, it signifies that you accept the updated Terms of Use and other documents that are posted and binding. It lays in your responsibilities to be sure that the applicable Terms of Use are acceptable for you - before you access or ue anything we offer. Your membership and account may be closed at any time if you don't agree to the changes.

    3. Law - we are worldwide!

    What we offer is always designed to be international, nothing offered is directed separately to someone or a group, as is not restricted to nobody/any group. We cannot guarantee that everything we offer, what is available on our Website and Platform, in addition and especially what is written within the Terms of Use and other binding documents, may have met the regulations and requirements worldwide, besides Poland and EU. If you choose to access and use the Website, Platform and Services from locations outside Poland or EU, you are doing it at your own risk and all responsibility for compliance with applicable local laws lays on you.
    To access the Website, Platform and Services, you must have Internet connection. Only you are responsible for any and all costs connected with your access to the Internet.
    The Terms of Use, including any agreements,  will be moderated exclusively in accordance with any applicable laws of Poland, EU ad any applicable international laws. Any law, that may be accurate and applicable in your jurisdiction, referring to warranty, guarantee consumer rights, copyrights, other won't be applicable here as exceptional or additional rights to perform a misuse/other prohibited acts.

    4. Copyrights, trademarks, intellectual property

    Our Products are protected by Polish, EU and international copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property laws that may be applicable.
    We own, control and retain any and all rights in and to Products. It is important: no rights, titles or interests in/to the Website, Platform, Products is transferred to you - as a result of your accessing, printing, downloading, viewing or otherwise consuming what we offer, unless it is authorized by a License. Your computer may temporarily store the copies of such Products, which are incidental to your accessing and viewing those Products and Services - which is exceptional.
    In exchange for you agreeing to be bound by these Terms of Use, we are granting you an international, non-exclusive, non-transferable, royalty-free license to use Previews, Products and Services only in the manner described in these Terms of Use and other applicable posted documents, as License Agreement.
    All 3rd party trademarks, logos, photographs, images, any content, and other intellectual property contained on the Website or Platform are the property of the respective 3rd parties and may be protected by applicable copyright, trademark or other intellectual property laws. Each such 3rd party expressly reserves all rights into such intellectual property.
    The marks "Wrap-Wizards", and any and all logos (including, but not limited to those identified below), slogans or other intellectual property contained on the Website or Platform are trademarks of (registered trademark of Yagodesign Group Sp. z o.o.). You may not use such marks and logos without the written permission of

    5. Permitted use - dos and don'ts

    Unless otherwise specifically provided in these Terms of Use, you are not authorized to use Previews or Products.
    You are not authorized to make any other use of the Products, Services other than to access and use Previews, Products and the Services according to these Terms of Use.  
    You may only view and otherwise access Previews as intended through the provided functionality of the Platform or the Services. You may only view or otherwise access such Previews for informational purposes or for the purpose of making the decision whether or not to become a Member and download after purchasing the specific Product. Your use of the Previews have to meet the conditions: you must use it individually, for non-commercial purpose, in compliance with this document and other applicable and posted on the Website (License Agreement). The Previews cannot be downloaded, used separately, copied, broadcasted, displayed, sell, modify, streamed, licensed, published etc. You shall not create, recreate, distribute or advertise an index of any portion of Products or Previews unless authorized by us in writing; you also are prohibited from remaking or creating works based or with use of materials found on our Website, in Previews until we let you do so in writing.
    You agree that those prohibitions and limits apply to you even if applicable laws in your jurisdiction set, that it is not a copyright infringement for you (e.g. to make some of prohibited uses of Products or Previews). You accept it even though some kinds of use may be an exception of copyright in your juristiction. Accesing any services, Website or Platform you agree that those kinds of use are a breach of License Agreement and Terms of Use, online and offline too.
    As a condition of allowing you to access and use the Website, Platform, Services or Preview, you warrant to us that you will use the Website, Services, Previews or the Platform only for appropriate purposes. You are responsible for your acts and anything you do with others while using the Website, Services, Previews or the Platform and are the only one responsible for any breach of our Terms of Use.
    It is impossible to make a completed list of exactly what is considered as acceptable and as prohibited use of what we offer - the Website, Services, Platform, Previews. Generally speaking, any use that will damage or may be damaging to us, our reputation, good name, availability, compliance won't be tolerated. It is also applicable when it comes to any possibility to occur of any legal or regulatory, or money loss liability.
    Without limits, you agree that you won't access or/and use the Website, Platform, Services, Previews or/and Products in a way that:

  • violates the rights of others, including patent, trade secret, trademark copyright, publicity, privacy and/or other proprietary rights; also applicable when it comes to use of Products without getting a License by purchasing them;
  • uses technology/another to access, frame, index or link to the Platform, Previews, Services, Products that is not authorized (including bypassing, disabling, removing of any content protective systems or access control mechanisms used to prevent the download, linking, reproduction, stream capture, framing, access to, or distribution of Previews or Products);
  • creating or trying to create a website that looks similar to the Website - so that it may confuse clients/visitors, who may believe that it is the same source/company; also applicable when trying to advertise anything without our permission in writing;
  • is based on creating an account/other kind of accessing the Services, Website, Products, Platform, Previews using a false email, using others data, or falsely showing any boundaries with others;
  • trying or doing so - do not contact any other users to arrange a private session, which can cause loss to, which is also applicable when it comes to any bots, robots, crawlers or another kind of fraud;
  • introduces viruses/any other computer codes, programs, files that is ment to destroy or limit the functionalities of any computer hardware, software; also applicable when comes to another Members accounts violation, by gaining unauthorized access, disabling, damaging them and also our servers or network; also applicable when it comes to trying to limit enjoyment od using our Services, Website and Products by other Members;
  • is collecting any personally identifiable informations about us or other Members in violation of our Privacy Policy;
  • encourages or enables conduct that would constitute a criminal offense/give rise to civil liability or may cause a violation of Terms of Use or License Agreement or any other binding documents posted by us;

If we determine in our exclusive discretion that you may be violating any of rules listed within Terms of Use, we will terminate your account and block/restrict your access and/or use of the Services, Platform, Products. In either case, you agree to immediately stop accessing or using (or trying to do so) the Services, Platform, Products, and you agree not to try to avoid such restrictions or otherwise restore or attempt to access/use. We shall then report any misuse of our site to the relevant enforcement/authorities we consider appropriate. We further reserve the rights to keep any evidence we have which relates these misuses directly/indirectly.

    6. Our relationships with Members

    If you would like us to place your advertisement on the Website or Platform, contact us separately
    Nothing within the Terms of Use is to be considered as making a partnership, joint venture, employment relationship between you and us/between you and any other Member. is using emails as its main communicating method with all Members. It is your responsibility to ensure that your email address is correct and up to date. We don't take any responsibility for the successful transmission of emails or for failure while reaching your mailbox. We won't be responsible of any loss or damage caused by not receiving the informations because of false/wrong/inactive email address.
    The Terms of Use listed in this document apply only to the Website, Platform, Services we offer. If you access any other websites, you do so at your own risk - even linked form what we offer. We won't warn you leaving Website, Platform, Services. Please be careful to read the Terms and Privacy Policies of any other website before you provide any confidentials or go into any transactions. You shouldn't rely on our Terms of Use to moderate your use of another website.
    We may, at any time, for any reason and without notice:

  • make changes to the Website or Platform, including its look, language, feel, format, API, linked websites and subdomains or any other part, as also to Services, Products, Platform and functionalities itself;
  • enable off and on any Services or the Platform.

   7. Refunds and cancellations

    The order cannot be cancelled or refunded. The purchase of digital or custom made physical goods is not refundable. By digital goods it cannot be verified, if the goods that should be deleted from everywhere where they can be stored, when an order should be refunded/cancelled.

Physical custom products - the hoodies, posters, banners and any other physical custom products are made on demand, that means that every product you order will be produced for you custom way. That's why we also cannot acccept the refund requests in that manner.

Please doublecheck your cart/order before buying if that's the stuff you need!

This information is also placed in every product description page in our shop - you won't miss it. 

Those conditions are not dependent from payment method or product type - there are no refunds or cancellations in our shop. It is all set up to prevent our job and values against theft and extortion.

However, if there is ny problem or consideretion about your order - let us know! We will discuss any other way to figure the situation out.

    8. Dispute resolution and complaints

    We are willing to provide a world-class, highest quality Services to our Customers, and really hope that in any matter we will be able to resolute any dispute that may occur. Meeting any issues you are kindly asked to contact us : The more the more accurate the description of the issue will be, the easier it will be for us to respond to your opinion in shorter time.

    9. Terms of Use and License Agreement - enforcements

    We will enforce our intellectual property rights in the event of unauthorized use of what we offer.
    Should we see that you are violating our Terms of Use or any License you may have acquired, we may, in our exclusive discretion, do one or more of the following:

  • send a warning;
  • step into a informal discussion;
  • submit the dispute to be decided through arbitration/courts, mentioned in the section License Agreement or where the infringement had occurred, and you hereby agree and submit to this binding arbitration.

Any problems met? Contact us! We are always willing to improve - all feedback is always welcome.
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